Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Beams are GONE! aka Free Wood

Yes people, we are finally taking the plunge and starting the renovation of the main living space of our house. We have never painted it because the tape joints were so bad and we simply had to fix those first.I decided that the first step would be to remove the crazy 'beams'. They were definitely a talking point/conversation starter but you never quite knew what people thought of them. Some people tried to make compliments about them but you were always pretty sure that they were thinking the same thing we were: Why?
What had always held me back from ripping them out right away was the question of what they were covering. I wanted to do the whole room at once instead of having some glaring ripped up ceiling to look at for half a year. And my suspicions were correct. They were covering up some seriously mangled tape joints in the stipple ceiling. (Stippled ceilings, if you must know, are another one of the reasons I hate suburbs - more on that some other time.)
One was even glued on.And this the end result....Does anybody want some free wood? I'm serious, I'll be throwing it out but it is perfectly acceptable burning material for people who do that kind of thing.The next step: Scraping every bit of stipple off that ceiling. I sure hope it comes off as easy at the tape joints did.
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