Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy Cat People

Cats have never really bothered me with the exception of being allergic to them when I was younger.  It is really the cat owners that can be pretty messed up.  You get this with dog owners too but not near as often.  I am not talking about people who just have pets and treat them as pets.  No, I am talking about those people who not only treat their cat as a child but take it to the extreme and dedicate their life to all things 'cat'.  Everything in their life is oriented around their cat and cat related items.

Well this has got to be the most ridiculous cat related item I have ever seen! 
So many questions immediately fill my head after the shock and horror and vomit pass through first.  WHAT? WHY? WHO? HOW? WHERE? WHEN? And then I continue to feel sick.

I'm not even going to go into trying to answer those questions.  But I guess it might make sense because maybe the same people who buy those 'plates' that are always advertised in magazines are probably generally crazy cat people.

And while we are on the topic of cats, check out the cat remote.  As the link will tell you, "Cats are not known, however, for their ability to learn and obey the commands of their owners. That's where the Control-a-Cat Remote Control can come in handy." The remote also does not require batteries but relies on the power of 'wishful thinking' in order to get your cat to 'Stop Scratching', 'Show Affection' or 'Remain Aloof'.
What a fantastic invention.
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