Thursday, February 05, 2009

On Driving

I have doing a lot of driving lately (due to the bus strike of course) and I am starting to get all my bad habits back again. I don't know why it is so important to get to work so fast but sometimes the guy in front of me is just driving insufferably slow. The most annoying are those guys who slow down 100 cars at a time by driving less than the speed limit. What is up with those guys? Do they ever look in their rear view mirror and notice the caravan of cars stretching into infinity? What do they think? Are they trying to be control freaks? Do they just not notice? Sheesh.

Now that the transit strike is over traffic should be getting better though. For a while there it was like living in Toronto. I'm glad we won't have that problem again until the next transit strike. I found the comic below on the city of Ottawa website which is pretty amusing in itself.On a more mellow note, I have been enjoying some good tunes on my drives. If I crank the volume usually it can mellow me out and I forget about that slow guy. There is this fantastic radio show on CBC Radio 2 called 'Drive' with Rich Terfry aka Buck 65. It is like having a bit of Radio 3 music plus some American tunes and then some wierd stuff. Basically I love 60% of it and like another 20%. This is pretty good for me and radio. With typical commercial radio I love maybe 20% and like another 30% plus you have to deal with commercials.
Recently I was in someone's car who was playing Live88.5 (probably the best commercial station in Ottawa) and I realized I had not heard commercials on the radio in a reaaaaaaaally long time. It sounded wierd. Maybe I should occaisonally listen to 88.5 just to keep my knowledge of pop music more current. I always just feel that most of the bands on that station have already been discovered and if I listen to more obscure stuff there is a good chance I will find some diamond in the rough. There are tons of obscure bands who I am more passionate about than the latest Killers song.

Sorry for the rambling - I'm off to work now.
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