Friday, February 13, 2009

Searchlight:Best Live Music Club

CBC is currently doing a web pole to find the best live music club in Canada.  The list was recently whittled down to the Top 20.

You can view the list and vote here.  I, of course, will be voting daily for the Black Sheep Inn which should give a good run.
There is currently a small controversy going on around the internet concerning this contest because the larger cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver are underrepresented in the top 20 list. I think this is slightly ridiculous because it was clearly done by voting.  More people voted for the smaller town venues.  I think people are not going to pick the most well known place that has the most shows with the biggest bands (like the Horshoe Tavern in T.O.)  because they aren't as memorable or special.  Everyone has a special show that was really memorable and usually that is partially because of the atmosphere.  And usually that special show was not at the place that everyone goes to all the time.  I am pretty sure that none of the venues on the list hold more than 200 people.  That just makes the show more intimate and the people who run it more down to earth.  Sure it is wierd that Winnipeg has 3 and Vancouver has 0 but they were voted by radio3 listeners.  
I hope the Black Sheep wins but even if it doesn't I think each of the other places are probably similar scenarios.  Now I know where to see a show anywhere in Canada.
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