Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gobama once again

Our city of Ottawa was all in a tizzy today because of the 6 hour visit by Obama. Traffic was crazy, mailboxes removed, manhole covers welded shut, buses rerouted, roads closed, crazed Obama fans, security details, secret route to and from the airport, helicopters circling overhead. These where just some of the things that where happening in Ottawa just because some guy was here.
I was safely in Kanata away from most of the action but Irene had her own 'harrowing' experience with the transit system since one of the routes to the airport goes right by Carleton.
My father-in-law is a big fan of Obama and his speeches. He constantly uses Obama rhetoric in his lectures to spur his students on to further greatness. 'Yes We Can'. He knew when Obama's plane would be leaving the airport (as did anybody else who turned on the internet, radio or TV) and based on the wind direction he knew that it would take off over Barrhaven (where we live). So he watched for the plane to take off over Barrhaven and snapped this picture of Air Force 1 as it is leaving Ottawa.This was his great brush with greatness today. I hope it is a while before Obama comes back again otherwise the news people may start dying of heart attacks.
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